Dirt Bike Mob Stomps Through Windshield in Philly

A giant group of people on motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATV’s made a joy ride through Philadelphia a few nights ago. It likely happened last night too, and the one before it, and so on. The video might look wild to most people, but it’s pretty common in Philly. Most people driving on Broad Street know that a giant group of dirt bikes might pass them at any time. Most of the time, they bother no one other than the terrified white mothers who ventured in from the suburbs.

The reason the video of this event is going so viral is because one of these dirt bike clowns decided to stomp out the back windshield of a woman sitting in traffic. Even worse, the woman was a DoorDash driver with kids in the back of her car. The man flashed a gun at the woman, but it didn’t stop her from getting in the man’s face anyway.

After the man stomps out the woman’s window, he shows a gun and starts fumbling it. This must’ve been the only evidence this woman needed to know that she was the tougher person in the altercation. In a helmet, he unsuccessfully attempts to make her flinch. In response, she is unfazed and gets right into his face and shoves him around until the guy gets bored and leaves.

This angers me more than most people. As this took place a mere fifteen minutes from my house, it really shows how this could affect me. As a certified coward, I would never fight back if my car was vandalized like that. I’d make a call to insurance and hope someone else could solve my problems. What I am worried about, are the hoops my delivery drivers need to jump to on the way to my front door. Seriously, can’t a guy order a Baconator without someone playing defense on my delivery driver.

I hope you enjoyed this slice of life in Philadelphia. I can promise though, the most violent headline will come if one of these fake tough-guys messes with whatever caloric nightmare I’m trying to eat for dinner.

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