Christian McCaffrey Will Win MVP, Brock Purdy Is “HIM”

Did I write this blog just to refute what my coworker said about Brock Purdy last week? Yes.

Will I apologize for Brock Purdy being good at football and being surrounded by talent? No.

Is Christian McCaffrey going to win MVP even though the award is rigged for QBs? Yes.

Here is the thing, I have been hurt so many times by the San Francisco 49ers in my 21 years of being alive. I have personally witnessed a 2011 loss to the Giants due to a Kyle Williams fumble on a punt.

Super Bowl loss to the Ravens in 2012.

2013 NFC Championship loss to the Legion of Boom.

2019 choke in the Super Bowl to the Chiefs.

Another NFC Championship loss to the Rams after Jaquiski Tartt dropped an INT.

Last but not least, last year’s NFC Championship lost to the Eagles when Brock Purdy’s elbow turned into a limp spaghetti noodle.

I am used to heartbreak, but I have never been more confident in my squad than I am this year.

Brock Purdy:

Call Brock Purdy a “game manager”, call him a “system quarterback”, or call him whatever you want, but the kid is balling.

I will agree with the social media general managers saying that “Brock Purdy is the only quarterback in NFL history who has been surrounded by very good talent and a good system.” (Tom Brady never had Gronk, Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have Kelce, Jalen Hurts doesn’t have AJ Brown) It makes you wonder why other NFL franchises haven’t thought about doing that for their quarterbacks before. I think maybe the Bears should do that with Justin Fields. Oh, wait…

Christian McCaffrey:

How are you gonna tell me this guy isn’t a front-runner for NFL MVP?

Christian McCaffrey has now scored in THIRTEEN STRAIGHT games since he was traded to the 49ers, a team record. If he scores next week, he will tie Emmitt Smiths’ NFL record of 14 straight games.

The MVP, like the Heisman in CFB, is a giant scam for QBs to win. There is no chance that a position besides quarterback can win the award. If Christian McCaffrey can keep these stats up throughout the season, how can you not give it the MVP to him?

Written by TFM Stelly

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