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Coors Light Is Giving Away Free Beer For Your Shit

Free beer? Fuck yes.

Okay, sure, it is Coors Light but it is still free. So if you are close to Atlanta or Las Vegas keep reading. If you aren’t … well, log back on to PornHub.

They even put out a press release about giving away beer. God Bless America.

In the past twelve months, nearly every American has dealt with increased stress, and many have eased their pandemic anxieties by shopping for kitchen gadgets or exercise equipment. In fact, 43% of Americans have participated in “comfort buying” – shopping as a way to relieve stress and boredom – due to social isolation. But now one year in, these objects once desired, now sit in the corner collecting dust – completely hindering a calm, chill home. To restore relaxation, Coors Light, the beer made to chill, is taking clutter off your hands and replacing it with cases of beer so you can finally relax.  

Here’s how it works: ·       

GO to The Battery in Atlanta, GA or Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, NV on Saturday March 20thfrom 1-5pm local time.

[It is Lot S1 at The Battery Atlanta, GA or Lot G at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, NV — they dont tell you that, so don’t just drive around the parking lot guessing… get in and get out, like you’d do with the emo girl late at night.]

Fill your trunk with anything you’ve amassed and want to purge.       

COORS LIGHT WILL WEIGH your unwanted stuff as you drop off the memories of being stuck at home·      

 TRADE in the weight equivalent of your pandemic purchases for rebates for up to two cases of Coors Light.       

Coors will donate to local charities in each city .

“People bought a whole bunch of stuff to help them chill out throughout the pandemic. We’ve all bought more bread makers, ring lights and tie-dye kits than we know what to do with. And a year later, you don’t need a bunch of stuff to chill,” says Marcelo Pascoa, Vice President of Marketing at Molson Coors.

“Spring is here, the March Hoops tournament is back. Whatever chill means to you, we want people to trade in unloved purchases for Coors Light. We’ll weigh your smoothie blender or bicycle and give you its weight equivalent in cases of beer.”

Also… speaking of March Hoops, the “Spread the Love” on FanDuel now has the Michigan State line up over +100 points… meaning it is free fucking money.

Here’s the deal: For every 2500 users who bet the Michigan State Spartans to cover the spread against the UCLA Bruins, the FanDuel Sportsbook will move the line one point in MSU’s favor. Yes, you read that right. If enough of you bet on the Spartans to cover, the spread will boost so high that it’ll be impossible to lose. Max bet $50. Lock it in NOW by clicking this link!

Here is the fine print from Coors.

Rebate. Alcohol purchase required. Must be 21+ to redeem. 

For donations of 1-10 lbs. offer valid only on ONE (1) 12-pack (max rebate of $10.00) OR for donations of 10.1-20 lbs. offer valid only on ONE (1) 30-pack (max rebate of $25.00) OR for donations of 20.1 lbs. or greater, offer valid only on TWO (2) 30-packs (max rebate of $50.00) of Coors Light® (bottles or cans). Ends 3/27/21. Valid for residents of GA & NV only. Visit for details.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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