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I Guess Being 26 And Remembering The Old TFM Makes Me Old

If you’re reading this you probably saw the blog that was posted yesterday talking about the Grandex guys. If another blogger wants to write about the true OG’s of this site, it’s whatever. Did I see that blog and cringe, fuck yes. I’m not going to publicly shit on somebody else who also writes here just because I don’t agree with everything that was said. I’ll just go and write my own blog and how I feel, and get those pageviews.

A little confession from me to you. I never went to college, I wasn’t part of the Greek life, and half of the shit that is said on this site I have to scroll to Urban dictionary, and avoid falling into a rabbit hole of the Cleveland Steamer to figure out what it means. I dropped out of college after my first semester in a shitty Community College.

I had friends that went to big colleges, and became part of frats. I could no longer talk about our tiny ass town, and what local drama was happening as they no longer cared. They were onto bigger and better things, so in order for me to feel like I was part of the college experience is when I started to read TFM religiously. I would see pictures of Rush boobs and instantly be jealous. I would read the Frat Romance, and would leave with tears in my eyes as I probably only understood 80% of what was happening. There would be stories of college parties that I couldn’t believe, but I didn’t care because regardless if it was true or not it sounded fucking awesome.

My college experience wasn’t from going to a college that I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend. No it was from the OG’s of TFM. TFM reconnected me with friends that were going to college. I knew what shit they were seeing, and going through without really being there. The wall is where I would go for a quick laugh.

I now write on TFM, which is insane. I’m not a 20 year old who is knee deep in the college life. I have a wife, a kid, and a real job. All I want to do is write about sports, and whatever random shit is happening on the internet. I know that I’m not like the Grandex guys and I try not to be. I’m just a mailman who hates his job and wants to make people laugh on the internet.

P.S. Can the commentators come back you stupid motherfuckers. I know you cock suckers want to shit on my blogs, and call me a fat ass loser. I’ve been waiting for it.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​


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  1. For real where are the commentors. The community was more than half my motivation for showing up. I was trying to figure out where to offer up content like in the olden days but where was nowhere and before long I was here getting paid. In terms of commenters… I have my theories…

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