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TFM Goes Savage: New Owners Of The Site

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 23, 2021) — Savage Ventures today announced its completed purchase of the TFM brands: Total Frat Move, Total Sorority Move, Post Grad Problems, and their assets from Grandex Media.

Savage Ventures will now oversee the operation of the websites, podcasting, social media, and merchandise after reaching an agreement with the former owners of the properties. 

“We believe that this is an amazing opportunity to bring new life to an established and respected brand with a loyal following,” Sam Savage said. “Our ability to re-invigorate the brand with creative editorial and video content, engaging social media channels, and timely viral merchandise makes our team very confident that we will achieve immediate, impressive growth.”

The acquisition from Grandex Media is another in a series of moves for Savage Ventures. 

Sam Savage served as Chief Executive Officer of Pop Culture Media. After taking over as chief executive in January 2016, Pop Culture Media experienced record revenue and audience growth of over 236%. Pop Culture Media was acquired by CBSi in 2018. Prior to operating and (Pop Culture Media), Savage was CRO at 247Sports, achieving 112% growth in 2015, before ultimately being acquired by CBSi. He has since launched Savage Ventures and purchased American Songwriter, launched the rapidly growing sports outlet OutKick. In addition Savage Ventures recently announced that it was creating a joint venture with Neon Media Group, called Savage Media, to develop and execute video plans for all of its brands and beyond.

“We know that there is much more to a successful operation than trying to use buzzy business cliches and we look forward to implementing our way of doing things on the Total Frat Move properties,” Savage added. “User experience is not just a front end development term it is all encompassing. We will attack this project from all angles to improve the entire experience for those who have been longtime readers as well as attract new ones.”

About Savage Ventures

Savage Ventures invests in and acquires companies that can scale online, funding and executing digital marketing programs to spur rapid growth. The company was founded and is led by Sam Savage, who has operated and expanded a diverse portfolio of successful ventures (from private equity to information technology to entertainment), executing and managing all phases of business formation, funding, growth, and strategic exits.

Written by Dallas Jackson

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