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Who’s Got Post Grad Problems: Is Childish Gambino Cancelled?

Are we still calling him that?  He’s an actor and standup too, yeah?  Donald Glover?  We all know the guy I’m talking about right?  Ok moving on…

Hopefully he’s not cancelled.  But after you see this, if you haven’t already, you might agree with me that it doesn’t look good for him… 

Apparently I can’t post it for simple viewing here.  Click “watch on YouTube” after you finish reading this for a clasic proto-frat meme video that wouldn’t fly in today’s world.

I hate cancel-culture, and I imagine that you do too.  No one would stay very long on this website if they were down with it.  It’s important to hold people accountable for their actions but forgiveness and recognizing that people change with the times, and that they probably don’t hold hard and fast to every tweet they made 10 years ago (and probably only thought about for 30 seconds before making anyway), seems kind of like a no-brainer to me, personally.

And isn’t having to worry about getting cancelled for something so far back in the past the ultimate Post Grad Problem?  You’ve moved on… literally graduated to a new part of your life and now something from a bygone era is creeping up to take you out.  PGP

Luckily for him the victims are straight white males and he is one of the funnier one’s on there and lookin’ kinda like a snack if we’re honest.  So he has a few things that could help him survive this.  

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