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Biden Landing in Kyiv is Hilarious

President Joe Biden made a surprise trip to the capital of Ukraine yesterday which really pissed off the Russians which I think is great. It’s just one big f*ck you to Russia, I mean the leader of the free world just popped up in an active warzone in the middle of a major Russian offensive. This just goes to show how little respect we have for the Russians which is hilarious.

At this point, the Russian Military has been exposed for what they are, and Putin is just scrambling to make whatever gains he can with 18-year-old conscripts after all his elite units were given dirt naps by the Ukrainian Defenders. The vast majority of the time I really don’t like what Joe does, but this is such a power move.

He is telling the rest of the world that hey, the President of the United States of America does what he wants, and goes wherever the fu*k he wants, active war zone and all. We need more of this from ol Joe, this was a ballsy move and shows strength on the world stage which is the only thing tyrants respect. This is a rare Joe Biden dub and anything that pisses off the Russians I am in favor of. 

Written by GI Josh

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  1. Yes, the U.S. President bravely stepped into a city rocked by explosions and fires that have proven detrimental to residents’ health to declare that he still cares about and will fight for those he considers to be “his people.” I’m speaking, of course, of Biden’s recent trip to East Palestine, Ohi…oh, wait.

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