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Chugging Hot Sauce with Mitchell Tenpenny

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If you told me last year that a stupid video I made at my friend’s house would’ve lead to me being flown to Nashville, put up in an Airbnb, and allowed to have my podcast actually get listeners, I would’ve said “yea it’s about fucking time”. I’m just kidding but I really have enjoyed thinking back on this whole experience. From recording off the voice memos app in an 80-degree garage with 6 drunk friends, to literally having a person in charge of clipping a mic to my shirt makes me appreciate my family and the people who have helped me get here. 

Now I know we aren’t getting crazy numbers but my whole mantra, especially after doing Twitch for 7 months, is even if one person is laughing that’s enough for me. I hate those people that are into this kind of stuff and need to be validated by a fucking number on the screen and not their own content. If you like it, other people do too. Who cares how many. Just make it work for you and shit will happen. 

Alright enough of that sappy shit.

This week on That Never Happened, I got to share my story of getting arrested while Toby and Bobby get to talk to one of my favorite musicians, Mitchell Tenpenny. But, I got kicked out so I’m going to shit on these two for making me miss the biggest opportunity of my life.

I was really pissed that I got kicked out of our first-ever IN-PERSON guest for the podcast, but seeing Toby chug a good cup of Tabasco sauce while doing the interview made me feel a little better. 

These two traitors talk to Mitchell about his career and even awkwardly shit on country music right to his face. I remember being in the studio hearing them say that and cringing while turning my whole body away. I could’ve done a much better job at interviewing Mitchell. Toby barely said a word while Bobby wouldn’t shut the fuck up. It was sad to watch these two stumble and trip through an entire hour of talking to easily one of the nicest and most talented artists in 2021.

Na I’m just kidding its all fake. That’s Hollywood baby!

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