10 Hottest College Sports Sideline Reporters

College sports are great, especially when receiving injury or coaching updates from our favorite sideline reporters. For a long time, the profession was dominated by one woman, Erin Andrews, who became a household name essentially overnight. But as the profession has grown, so has the talent, and now you can find an attractive sideline reporter at almost every college sporting event on every network. So, naturally, we decided to compile a list of the most attractive girls covering college athletics today.

Here are the 10 hottest sideline reporters who are still actively covering the sports we all love:

10. Jenn Brown (ESPN) – Brown is a smoking hot blonde and Emmy award winner who comes from the University of Florida. She covers the NFL combine and draft and holds a bunch of other football duties (like getting Rich Eisen to stop drooling) for the NFL Network. Here is her Instagram.

9. Kaylee Hartung (ESPN/Longhorn Network) – Hartung is a former political reporter who broke into sports with the Longhorn Network and ESPN. She covers a wide variety of college sports. She chose a good network in which to begin her new career, as the LHN is known for producing quality sideline reporters. Hartung’s predecessor? Samantha Ponder. Here is her Instagram.

8. Dijana Kunovac (Rivals) – Kunovac is a former UGA Bulldog who is actively covering college recruiting, and sports in general, for the University of North Carolina. She may not be as well known as the other reporters on this list, but keep an eye out for her in the future. Here is her Instagram.

7. Niki Noto (ESPNU) – A graduate of the University of Alabama, Noto currently covers multiple games on ESPN’s college network. She also hosts ESPN’s Road Trip, a TV show that tours popular college campuses with good football teams. So, if you go to a good football school, look out. Here is her Instagram.

6. Kristina Akra (CBS Sports) – Nobody enjoys Kristina Akra more than the SEC fanbase. You’ll find Akra on the field at certain popular SEC matchups being broadcasted on CBS. Here is her Twitter.

5. Erin Andrews (FOX) – The queen of sideline reporting, Erin Andrews has worked her way into a college football studio gig. She still does a little sideline reporting, as well, most recently being on the wrong end of a Richard Sherman tirade. Here is her Instagram.

4. Melanie Collins (Big Ten Network) – Collins is a Penn State graduate and college sports reporter in the midwest. She does sideline work for the Big Ten Network as well as covering a number of NBA events. Much like Simba, she is a sign of beauty coming out of a gloomy land like the rustbelt.”

3. Katelynn Johnson (FOX) – Johnson is a stunning blonde bombshell from the west coast. She spent her college years in the Northwest as a cheerleader for the University of Oregon. In a very strange and sad twist, I can’t find Katelynn on any social media sites. If you can correct this error for us, it would be greatly appreciated.

2. Samantha Ponder (ESPN) – True story: Ponder got her start at ESPN by waitressing at an ESPNZone. She actually thought that working at an ESPN restaurant was the best way to get into broadcasting. She was so hot that her terrible plan worked. Here is her Instagram.

1. Allie LaForce (CBS Sports) – LaForce takes the crown for hottest college sideline reporter, but it isn’t the first crown in her trophy room. LaForce was Miss Ohio in 2005 and, weirder, actually played college basketball at Ohio University. That makes her the hottest college basketball player of all time. Here is her Twitter.

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