The Worst Life Hacks on TikTok

Shitty TikToker of the week: lifeskill.fy

Life hacks have been a staple on the internet ever since companies realized they can sell us different versions of the same products. Out of every 10 life hack videos I see throughout my weekly internet scrolling paradox, only 1 actually seems to have some sort of use to me. Most of these life hacks are pointless, expensive, or just fucking stupid. This channel however is exceptionally stupid.

If you haven’t already noticed, they like to use balloons for some reason. Apparently, balloons are the most versatile object we as humans can acquire and this sure proves it. In that first video, we see a woman steal a balloon clearly being used for some sort of, as they call it, “music festival 2020” and use it as a shoe covering for her beautiful brandless shoes. What a fucking piece of shit if you were to actually do this. I could see a video of some drunk sorority girl who cleverly covers her already dirty Adidas with a loose ballon on the ground saying “it’s a life hack.”

As for this second one… does this guy not own ice? This man is seriously using frozen water balloons as ice for a cooler. I’ll admit it’s a clever fun way of cooling beers, but is it a life hack? Are balloons more accessible than ice? What retired clown has this many balloons on him?

Again with the balloons! Also, how is this a life hack? The video is captioned with “lifehacks blow your mind” but I have never seen whatever game they are playing before so I cannot tell if this makes it easier. I will again say that yea this looks like a pretty fun game to play at a party for 2 minutes before people realize it is fucking exhausting to keep blowing up balloons. Who are these actors by the way? How much are they making? What company hires the “life hack video” actors? Why does this company have such easy access to balloons?

How is this a life hack? Everyone has used an old shirt to clean up a spill… whats with this knock-off mop you are making? Are you saying that finding an old shirt, finding that weird car window cleaner, finding some scissors, cutting the shirt to the exact size of the cleaner, and using that is easier than grabbing a mop? If a mop is too expensive then why not just use the shirt? Is making that worthless rag stick easier than just bending down WITH the old shirt? These aren’t life hacks. I would really like to know the production behind this and every other life hack channel just to see why or how the fuck they do business… and where I can apply.

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