Anti-vax Christian TikTok

Shitty TikToker of the week: gods4givensoldier

Disclaimer: religion

Who needs the vaccine when you have the bible? Imagine pulling that out at your favorite Denny’s with “oh vaccine card? Here you go… bible bitch. Where’s my burger?” If you can’t already tell by the video or the username, this man is a Christian. How religion factors into 2 trips to a Walmart is beyond me. Why are we back to religion being the answer for everything? This isn’t some early 16th-century bubonic plague shit where all we had to rely on is rubbing onions and peeing into doctor’s mouths for a solution. Yes, they did that.

I want to keep this as short and non-political as I can. Like I’ve said before, I’m not here to disparage anyone’s ideas or beliefs because if it gets you through your day and keeps you from not killing people then I’m fine. But, how is religion a factor in this? When you think about it, Jesus was basically God’s vaccine to humans. As far as my 19 years of Sunday morning mass has taught me, God sent Jesus to go fix our shit. Then we killed him when we didn’t believe he could fix our shit. So I guess the logic actually does track. God made covid, God made us get sick, God made a vaccine to fix us, we killed it because we don’t believe in it. Now, all we have to do is wait for Easter this year when the now-suddenly-loved-by-Christians vaccine moves a rock and comes back to life. Also, by “we” I mean Christians in this VERY SPECIFIC and triggering comparison. I would love an explanation as to how this motherfuck thinks he has all the answe- oh shit…

I don’t understand this argument. He says people like cops and nurses are selfish for not getting the vaccine, but also doesn’t get the vaccine himself? Why would you go after nurses especially? Nurses are required to get the vaccine. Why would a hospital allow people without the vaccine to work? You are just lucky that your job moving wood or whatever doesn’t force you to get it so you think you have this podium to speak and lecture people on what they should and shouldn’t do based on a fucking book. 

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