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18 Million Dollar Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl commercials are peak comedy (and they better be because these brands blow millions on them).

According to NBC Chicago, “NBC has set a record deal for 2022 Super Bowl ads, asking for $6.5 million per 30-second commercial.”

I guess it’s the best publicity you can get on television. No one really watches live TV that much, but people do tune into the Super Bowl. Apparently $6.5 Million is a steal. On average, the cost of a commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 2015 was $10 Million.

Here are some of the best commercials in my opinion


(Average cost in 2010 for 30 second spot – $3,100,000)


3. IT’S A TIDE AD (2018 – Average cost $5,200,000) (estimated cost for Tide Ad spots in 2018 was 18.333 million)

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