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25 Best Frat Party Themes

Golf Bros and Tennis Hoes: Guys wear polos and girls wear skirts. Basically just a giant country club-themed party. Talk about daddy’s money.

Ski Lodge: Like if Aspen was a fraternity basement and there was only Busch Light and White Claw. All ski apparel is in play, but the less clothing the better. The snow will be in the bathroom.

Backwood Hicks and Country Chicks: Guys dress like Joe Dirt and girls are dolled up like they came out of a Luke Bryan song.

Toga: This is still Total Frat Move right? The Greeks were up to something when they chose their apparel. This is a timeless Frat party theme that will always play among everyone.

ABC: Anything But Clothes. Trashbags, Empty Beer Boxes, Caution Tape.

Champagne and Shackles: Find a date. Get a bottle of champagne. You are handcuffed until you finish the champagne. Have a good night!

Tour De Franzia: Boxed Wine! Everyone knows how wine makes you feel and you’ll most likely have a great night with whoever you’re partying with.

Pajama Party: With the PJ party, you can drink as much as you want then immediately return to your room and go to bed. It is really a win-win for everyone.

Jersey Shore: If you’re old enough to have seen Jersey Shore then this needs no explanation. Dress up like Snooki or Pauly D. Basically. The 2000’s called and they need their clothes back.

Kentucky Derby: Big Hats and Sundresses. This is the perfect theme for a post-brunch dayge. Guys, the more wild you get with colors, the better it is.

Fake Wedding: A sorority and a fraternity link up and choose one member to get married, White dresses and suits. Make sure it’s shorter and make it rowdy.

Blackout: The only rule is you have to wear all black. Bonus points if you actually black out.

Yoga Hoes and Trainer Bros: Girls in spandex, that’s really why this one works.

Stoplight Party: Wear Green if you’re single. Red if you’re taken. Yellow if you want to cheat.

Heaven and Hell: Choose your side. Angels wear white with halos. Devils wear red and black.

Firefighters and Hose: Anyone can be a firefighter but not everyone can be a hose. The $12.99 NYPD shirt from Amazon will suffice.

CEO’s and Office Hoes: Fraternities have gone corporate for this theme. Guys dress up as their favorite Fortune 500 CEO that has had an affair with their secretary.

Wizards and Sluts: I really don’t need to explain this one. Someone is a wizard, someone is a slut. Figure it out.

Friend and a Fifth: Find a friend. Find a fifth of your favorite alcohol. Don’t leave your friend until you finish the fifth and see where the night takes you.

Mardi Gras: Beads. Beads. Beads. If Bourbon Street was on Frat Row. Did I mention beads?

Luau: This is essentially a swimsuit theme with the occasional coconut and the option to say “Aloha” to everyone. Major eye candy to see someone wearing a coconut bra.

Jersey Theme: Get ready to wear your favorite jersey and get out there and drink some booze. Please don’t wear your old high school football jersey, you’re just going to look weird.

Whiteout: Can I say this in 2023? White shirt to white shoes, you can only wear white. As I said earlier, snow will be present somewhere.

Dad Party: Cargo shorts and new balances. You definitely need someone on the grill. This is just a funny theme that everyone can get a good laugh at. Maybe parent’s weekend?

Ugly Sweater: Perfect for a Christmas party. All you gotta do is head down to the local thrift store and find something. Or go to a church and ask an old man for his. Either way, it will be a blast.

Written by TFM Stelly

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