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3 Alternatives to ChatGPT

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If you don’t already know what chatGPT is, it’s an AI application that can do pretty much all of your homework. Needless to say, this has teachers and professors terrified. The days of Turn It In and similarity scores are over. This program can write a completely different essay every time you give it the same prompt. Trust me I’ve tried it. For those of you that have used chatGPT, you know that there are often wait times and a lot of glitches due to the sheer amount of college students depending on it to carry them to graduation. That is why I am giving you the top 3 alternatives to chatGPT.

  1. Wrietsonic
    1. One of the biggest pains in the ass in all of college education is writing essays. There are tons of AI writing tools out there such as ChatGPT, but Wrietsonic is definitely one of the best ones to use. It uses a chat function that is very similar to ChatGPT where you can request modifications to the writing. This is great for adding citations and developing specific arguments.
  2. Beautiful
    1. A close second to writing essays is giving presentations. This app uses templates and Artificial Intelligence to create a new-generation presentation tool. This is a great alternative to PowerPoint and Google Slides and will save you a ton of time.
  3. GitHub Copilot
    1. While this is one of the most robust AI systems on the list it is at the end because it mainly specializes in writing code. So for all of me fellow computer science majors out there this will be your best friend. I know it’s hard to believe that tfmBart is a computer science nerd but it’s true. Github Copilot is one of the best coding assistants out there and by using AI, the program is getting better every day.

Written by Brady White

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