3 People That Suck

BiPoilar Car Volume Guy:

The drum solo from In The Air Tonight is about to kick in; your hands haven’t been this ready since your freshman year of high school as soon as you heard your Mom shut the front door. Everyone in the car is eager, and as soon as you are about to enter seven seconds of eternal bliss, your driver turns the volume completely down to add a point to something you guys were discussing four minutes ago. He then turns the music back up after a few “what the fuck are you doing”(s) and proceeds to say, “I just thought you guys might be interested in Eisenhower’s interstate system, sue me. This person deserves to be in a padded room. This person deserves to be locked in a log cabin, far away from society, with two Daughtry Moms and one copy of Emily Osmet hit 2010 movie Cyberbully. 

Hot Girls Asking Vague Questions On Twitter:

I see this all the time on social media. A girl filled with more silicone than an Air-Max tweets a picture of herself that barely goes without getting flagged on social media and captions it “where’s your favorite place to travel?” She knows exactly what she’s doing, which leads to James007fishingdad commenting, “Italy. I went with my ex-wife on our honeymoon. She got emphysema and passed away three years ago. I wish we could go to Italy, beautiful girl. You have nice Bobs.”

People That Overplay how hard their life is:

I’m a little sick of people having the entire DSM-5 in their Twitter bios. We went to middle school together, your snack closet was killer, I know that’s not indicative of a happy life (I’ve watched some draw my life YouTube videos), but can we cut it out? You will hit low points in life, I’ve done the whole 80 Milligrams of Zoloft a day thing before, and I can tell you firsthand that making your problems, a personality trait like you’re on some sort of team or something and the entire world is against you, is not the best way to go about things. Having a supportive community about these things is great, but I’m not going to donate to your GoFundMe just because you’re of a certain skin color and of a certain sexuality.

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