3 Reasons Why You Should Join Your College IFC Board

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Congratulations you officially are an initiated member of your fraternity. You went through the 4 to 8 weeks of being a pledge and made it to the other side unscathed. But now as a member, you realize your fraternity needs power on your campus, and what better way to gain control and be able to do whatever you want than joining your university IFC board. Here are the three reasons I compiled on why you should join your university IFC.

  1. Make other fraternities follow rules while you don’t

  The IFC for years at many schools has been the bad guys for all frat guys around the country. But now since you have been elected to an IFC position you can be that asshole and make your fraternity the baddest on campus. For example, you could hear about your rival down the street breaking the slightest rule gaslight them and get them in trouble with the university. Is it the biggest scumbag thing you could do on the planet? Yes, but all is fair in love and war, and if you want to be the best your fraternity has to be the biggest pricks on campus. 

  1. The University will turn a blind eye to your frats action

Since you have gained power with your IFC your frat now can do whatever they want with basically no repercussions. Throw a banger social party that’s unregistered and have your advisor breathing down your neck. No worries you are on IFC you can sweep it under the rug as if nothing happened. You dirty rushed and got hammered with your pledges. No worries you are on IFC just explain they did it of their own free will and you had no involvement. Problem solved. 

  1. Resume Booster

 Being in an IFC exec position is also a good resume booster for any college-aged male. And the job requires very little to no effort at all. All it normally requires is a weekly meeting where you make up bullshit reports and shoot the shit with other frats about the bangers you are planning. And maybe how you can team up and throw other bangers together. The job truly is the easiest thing in the world that requires very little effort and gives you a nice little boost to your resume for doing complete bullshit. 

IFC is a great opportunity for many frat guys around the country and provides ample opportunity for your fraternity and yourself. Consider joining starting your own shadow puppet society and making your fraternity the biggest and the baddest on campus. 

Written by Nolan Breslin

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