3 Small but Effective College Life Hacks

Happy multi-ethnic teenage friends hanging out at home and eating fast food together

College can be tough, confusing, and all of these other things. Here are 3 little life hacks that have helped me get through it:

  1. Get an Airtag on your wallet 

            Can’t stress enough how much this one has helped me. Freshman year, I probably lost my wallet almost every weekend. And when I mean lost, I don’t mean like I can’t find it in my room. I would leave my wallet in places I had no idea I even went to. It’s such a bitch too. You have to cancel all of your cards, get a new ID, and you probably lost some cash. The Airtag is game-changing. It makes a sound too, so when you come home blacked out and throw your wallet across the room you can locate it real quick in the morning. 

  1. Buy things in bulk

This literally applies to anything. Buying things in bulk saves you money, time, and    energy. The only downside is that you have to spend more initially. When you buy groceries, buy a shit ton so you don’t have to go back for a while. You’ll also probably save money on some random deals. You could also go to Costco, which I highly recommend. Smoking a lot of weed? Don’t buy an eighth twice a week, invest in a larger amount and you’ll get a better deal, saving money in the long run.

  1. When you go to chipotle, take as many utensils as you can home with you.

This really only applies if you’re a bum and don’t have actual silverware at your place like me. Or maybe you do have silverware but just hate washing it. Next time you get Chipotle, or any other restaurant where they offer plastic utensils, grab a handful to bring home. This makes your life easier, and I’m sure Chipotle can handle it.

Written by Jett

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