3 Things I Miss From Freshman Year

As a washed up senior, seeing the fresh smiling faces of freshmen roaming around campus often annoys me. Mostly because they walk slow and make me realize I’m nearly too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio, but also because I’m slightly jealous of them. Yes, I’m jealous of the fact that while I’m ending the best four years of my life, they are just beginning theirs, but that’s not it. There are certain things about freshman year that as a senior you just wish you still had. Now, I’m not saying I miss frat basements or RAs, but there are a few things that freshmen take for granted. Here are the top three things I miss from freshman year.

The dining hall

As a freshman, the dining hall is the last place you want to eat. It sucks eating in the same place every day for all three meals. The food is mediocre at best and pretty much the same thing every time. That said, it sure as hell beats buying groceries and cooking. I’d kill to have a meal plan again. The convenience of swiping a school I.D and gaining access to an all you can eat buffet is wild. I think freshmen don’t understand the economic value of the dining hall. Not only does it save time going shopping, cooking, and cleaning, but it’s also endless. Sure, it may not be the best food in the world, but I’ll take quantity over quality any day. It’s not like my dino nugs and Cap’n Crunch is anymore gourmet anyway.

My liver

When you enter college, you are at the peak of your health for the rest of your life. It all goes downhill from there. College takes a physical toll on your body. My lungs are black, I’ve lost numerous brain cells, and my liver is basically no longer existent. I know that sounds bad, but trust me it was all worth it. That said, I do miss being able to take two shots back-to-back without my stomach feeling like a Spirit Airlines flight. As a freshman, I used to take pulls of vodka right from the bottle, pull trig on a tree, and continue on with my afternoon. Now, if I have one too many strawberry daiquiris I spend the next 10 hours curled up in a bathtub without pants on. It’s not that I never learned to handle my alcohol. I just got really good at drinking, did it a lot, and eventually burned a hole in my insides. The same will happen to you, just wait. 

No responsibilities

Senior year isn’t the hardest semester, but it’s definitely the most stressful. All of my friends spend their time talking about the future and their careers. If you’re someone like me who has no idea what lies ahead once they graduate and get cut off by their parents, listening to conversations like that can really make your blood boil. But freshmen don’t really have that problem. As a freshman, your biggest concern is finding a date to formal or picking up a brother’s Chipotle order. You aren’t worried about stupid things like your GPA or resume. Instead you can focus your time on doing what’s truly important in college: dicking around and making memories.

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Written by Alex Becker


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