3 Ways To Cure Depression

Sometimes you just wake up in a bad mood. It’s a feeling like you’re too tired to get out of bed, yet you can’t fall back asleep. There is nothing specifically wrong that you are upset about, but you are far from happy. You don’t want to feel this way, but you do and there isn’t much you can do to fix it. At least that’s what you think. Here are three ways to cure your depression. Okay, maybe not cure, but offset for the time being.

Listen To Music

Nothing is bound to switch up your mood like your favorite song. Everyone has that one song that they can’t help but sing all the words. Even if the song itself isn’t that upbeat, proving to yourself that you know all the words makes you feel like a genius that is well prepared to be randomly called up on stage at a music festival. This song is different for everyone. For instance, my song is All Me by Drake with features from Big Sean and 2 Chainz. Yes, there is an ode to self-confidence that feels empowering, but not nearly as empowering as yelling “hoe, shut the fuck up” when Mr. Sean takes the mic. Seriously, this only works if you sing all the words. Yep, all the words. Just make sure you’re in private depending on the song.

Eat A Comfy Meal

Everyone has a comfy meal. It could be a meal that you grew up eating as a kid or maybe something that you only eat on special occasions, just anything that makes you feel warm and cozy. If you’re Jewish like myself, this could be a nice bowl of matzo ball soup. Or, maybe it’s a buttery stack of fluffy pancakes. It could even just be a super-sized McDonald’s haul. Whatever it may be, you deserve it. It may not feel like you deserve it, but you do. You got out of bed and didn’t let the demons win, that’s enough. Your body needs fuel, so you might as well give it the best you can, especially on a day like today. Once you have your desired meal, swaddle yourself in a blanket and turn on I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry because it is impossible to not smile during that movie.

Do Drugs

I don’t mean that the second you start feeling a little sad you should play all Juice WRLD and start popping perc 30s and shooting up heroin. I mean maybe smoke a little weed or take some puffs of nitrous oxide. Don’t do anything addicting because that’s just gonna perpetuate your depression. What you are looking for is a temporary fix, meaning something that will distract you and take your mind off off the fact that you’re feeling blue. That’s why I suggest something that will make you lose brain cells like improperly using whipped cream and balloons. It’s hard to think about being sad when you’re struggling to think at all.

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Written by Alex Becker

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