4 Guys In Every Fantasy Football League

Fantasy Football Draft Day Notes.

Fantasy football season is right around the corner and you should be getting ready to start drafting your team that is going to break your heart like every other year. For some reason, like a moth to a flame, we all come back year after year.

The Guy Who Bails On His Team: Everyone has a guy in their fantasy league who no matter what the buy-in is, will always give up after Week 5. It always just puts a damper on the rest of the league watching him not submit lineups and letting the one star on his team put up 40 points. This guy sucks and should always be kicked out.

The Guy Who Puts More Effort Into His Team Than His Career: This is also the same guy whose girlfriend hates him and is always hitting you up for money. His draft board looks like he spent 5 years as an actual GM and there is a 99% chance he dressed up to draft his roster for the season. To be fair, he’s the best in the league, but is the effort worth it?

The “Do You Wanna See My Team” Guy: This is the most unbearable conversation because in reality, nobody cares about your fantasy. There is no reason you should ever read off your roster to someone else. This guy is also in 14 other leagues and makes it very clear he loves fantasy football.

The Reach Guy: This guy swears he has found the next 2019 Christian McCaffery from some undrafted rookie that came from Eastern New Mexico. You almost feel bad for him every year because he’s trying to find the next big thing. But every year it seems that he swings and misses so badly because the guy he picked doesn’t even make the 53-man roster.

Written by TFM Stelly

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