4 Steps To A Successful Rush I’ve Learned From My Hippie Neighbor

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What’s more badass than rush? On most college campuses it is a whole week or two where you meet new people and have an excuse to get drunk at noon on a weekday and hopefully by the end of it you have some new pledges who you can torment for a semester. Here are 4 steps to a successful rush I’ve learned from my frat boy hippie neighbor down the street.

  1. “Don’t be an asshole”

It’s not hard and it’s really easy just don’t be a fucking prick. I mean you can be a little bit of an asshole. But if you want these boys to join you over your competitors just try not being an asshole for a least a week.

  1. “Get em drunk”

This is the most fun one. Whenever you have PNMs (Potential New Members) you got to get them hammered. It’s one of the most bonding experiences you can have with an individual. Sure the university might not like it and you may get in trouble. But having your PNMs join in on a case race, beer bonging, or just getting belligerent at a bar will definitely get you a couple of pledges. 

  1. “Do dumb shit”

There are a lot of fun pledge events you could do that follow the universities standards. But what about the stuff that you hide from the university that’s where the fun is at. In the 80s my neighbor said “ sledding down the stairs in an office chair while buzzing off half a case of Milwaukees Best was one of my favorite events”. Now im not saying to specifically do that but do something dumb. Take them on a heist to steal other fraternities’ banners, or have them steal an actives car. Whatever dumb shit you can think of will let them have fun and bond with you. 

  1. “Clean the damn house”

I know I know it’s a frat house they get pretty damn raunchy. Every weekend is either the boys getting hammered in the house banging broads or massive ragers being thrown. But when Rush starts it should be different. My neighbor told me this “We would throw a massive party the night before a rush event and the house would be destroyed, People asleep on couches and the house looking like a house hoarder’s worst nightmare, what we would do while being violently hungover is clean shit up, and by the time the rush event came around our house looked like an ugly chick with makeup”. 

My neighbor while being a pot-smoking drug dealer in his late 60s can still throw down and party with the best of them. He also came up with some pretty good ideas for your next rush. While im not saying to do everything he did, definitely learn from the old heads and you will have a successful rush. 

Written by Nolan Breslin

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