49ers Wives Are Stunning on Group Vacation

Kristin Juszczyk (second from the left) and Claire Kittle (far right) with friends.

Kyle Juszczyk and George Kittle’s wives have been passing the time on vacation as their husbands prepare for another season in the Eagles’ shadow. Kristin Juszczyk and Claire Kittle are spending time with the wives of several pro athletes in Turks and Caicos, and sharing the whole thing on Instagram. 

There might be something there with a “Real Housewives of the NFL,” type of show. I don’t know if they hate each other enough to really add to the drama, but they would be worth looking at for an hour a week. You can tell that being incredibly athletic and rich pays off, because the 9ers’ wives look incredible. Even Kyle Juszczyk’s wife, and he’s a full back.

The rest of the group also consisted of the wives of Bengals’ receiver Trent Taylor, NFL free agent Levine Toilolo, and Predators winger Filip Forsberg. There were some notable absences from the list of 49ers wives and girlfriends. This included Christian McCaffrey’s fiancée, Sophia Culpo, and Fred Warner’s wife Sydney. Sydney Warner gets a pass, though. She is still afraid to leave her house after Eagles fans insulted her red bag at the Linc.

These Instagram pictures confirmed a few things for me. I should’ve taken football more seriously in high school. I probably should’ve smoked weed during fewer lifts, and maybe even gotten on steroids before drug testing was a problem. It clearly pays to be good at football. 

The other lesson, is that Kyle Juszczyk’s wife really loves him. I just wrote that name three times, and now hate him until he changes it or retires.

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