5 MLB Players I Would Want to Drink With

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HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 02:  Ozzie Albies #1 of the Atlanta Braves celebrates with teammates in the clubhouse after the Braves defeated the Houston Astros in Game 6 to clinch the 2021 World Series at Minute Maid Park on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

MLB players love to get faded. The classic champagne shower in the locker room after playoff wins or clinches to the playoffs is timeless. I’ll be looking at 5 current MLB players who I would love to get fucked up with.

5. Brandon Marsh- Brandon Marsh looks like an absolute party animal. The long hair and the long beard say it all. Even though he looks like he was born and raised under a freeway underpass, he does look like he likes to have a fun time in Philly after the games. I’m not sure what the Philly nightlife is like, but I am sure he makes it lit as hell. He didn’t go to college but if he did, he 100% would have been in a fraternity. This guy seems like the guy who gets 0 play, but if you handed him a beer or an alcoholic beverage, he would delete it in a matter of seconds. Give him a girl, and she’s gone in the same amount of time. Brandon seems like a Jager kinda guy, and I see no problems getting gnarly with some Jager with him.

4. Dansby Swanson- Christ. The best hair in baseball. This guy fucks. Getting drafted from Vanderbilt into the league, this guy hits nukes and plays a hell of a shortstop. I talked about frats with Brandon Marsh and the same goes for Dansby. If he wasn’t playing baseball in college, he no doubt would’ve been the president of a frat. He also definitely fucked a bunch of girls in college and was a huge send. I take Dansby as a white claw kind of guy and would love to forget about the laws when drinking them with him.

3. Alex Verdugo- God I want to drink with Alex Verdugo. Already being a Red Sox fan, I have liked him since the day he joined the team. However, when he hit his walk-off against the Twins in mid-April and he started cussing on live TV in the postgame interview, I fell in love with the man. He instantly gave me the vibe that he likes to get FUCKED up. Being Mexican, and knowing how loud he is on social media and in interviews, he gives off the vibes that he is a big tequila guy. Drinking tequila with Alex Verdugo is practically my wet dream at this point and I would to attempt to go shot for shot with the guy!

2. Jacob deGrom- deGrom has been through some shit. This man gets hurt every damn year. Whether it’s his shoulder, hamstring, recently what seems to be his UCL, or whatever else he fucks up, he just can’t seem to stay healthy. But, when he is healthy, he is basically the most dominant starting pitcher in baseball every year. He pumps 102 and has a slider that’ll have you swinging out of your shoes. With how intense he plays, it makes sense why he gets hurt. With all this being considered, I would definitely want to booze with him. He seems like he can give a lot of good advice about being humbled and having a competitive mindset. Seems like we’d be drinking scotch or whiskey on the rocks and have a really deep conversation.

1. Pete Alonso- My god. Pete Alonso has to be an absolute tank. He looks like he wakes up in the morning and immediately shotguns a beer. This guy might not be the most productive at the plate as he is built to be, but I bet it’s because he sends too hard off the field. I could see both of us going to a bar and I wouldn’t be able to keep up and he’d have to carry me back home and then he would continue to drink and watch a movie. When the Mets made the wildcard last year, they definitely had to get Pete his own personal case of champagne, which he downed in a matter of minutes. Pete has that dad bod’ on him, and it ain’t from food. It’s from that liquid wheat, that beer.

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