5 Movies Every College Student Needs to See

Animal House

Animal House is single-handedly responsible for revitalizing greek life in the 80s and 90s. This movie is the reason your father will always love Bud Light more than you. If you haven’t seen this movie, I really wonder how you found this website. Watching this for the first time is going to unlock a portion of your brain that you never knew existed. Put in your 2 hours and you’ll be consuming beers at a rate like never before. 

Old School

While this movie reminds us of the sad reality that college will eventually come to an end, it also offers a story of hope. The idea that you could one day come back to a college and start your own fraternity as an old man is an absolute fever dream. This movie will also give you some hilarious ideas for new member education. After you get to know Blue, my favorite character in the entire movie, you will instantly want to get a resident old head in your frat. This movie is a must-watch, and I guarantee you it will be a well-spent 90 minutes.


If you haven’t seen the movie Accepted you probably got into your dream school. In this film, Justin Long and Jonah Hill show us what the college experience truly is. No matter what school you go to, spending an extended period of time away from your parents while they fund your expenses is the best thing ever. This movie reminds us that college is not about writing 1000-word papers or learning how to find the area under the curve; college is about making Slip’N Slides in the quad, partying all day, raging all night, and doing it all over again the next day. As a wise man once said “We ain’t come here to play school”- Cardale Jones


This movie is probably the most accurate depiction of what partying looks like in a college town. It seems like every time there is a house party in my college town some old couple ends up calling the cops. I don’t think I will ever understand why people think it’s a good idea to live down the street from a college campus. Neighbors is a funny portrayal of the sad reality college kids deal with every weekend. While most would call this movie a comedy it truly is a tragedy of college life. 

Monsters University

This movie had me fired up to go to college and join a fraternity at the age of 11. Leave it to Disney to really flesh out the greek life stereotypes. From top-tier douchebags to bottom-feeders, almost every frat and sorority is represented in this movie. Chances are after watching this movie you’re gonna have a little sympathy for that tiny frat on campus that gets no girls. This Disney classic shows us that everyone deserves to rage and that you shouldn’t have to fight for your right to party. 

Written by Brady White

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