5 Photos Proving Riley Gaines Is Top Notch Hot

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 19: Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines swims the 200 Butterfly prelims at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships on March 19th, 2022 at the McAuley Aquatic Center in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Riley Gaines is the former University of Kentucky swimmer attracting all sorts of media attention as she makes her rounds arguing for the protection of women’s sports.

She has become a lightning rod for controversy, being the target of scorn from progressives and praise from conservatives.

But all that aside, the once All-SEC swimmer is hot. Smoking hot. Here are 7 Instagram pictures to prove it:

1. Riley on the beach with a classic look

Classic hot girl on beach picture here. Blue skies. Clear water. Tan skin. Pink suit. Black glasses. It’s about as wholesome and American as apple pie or Marilyn Monroe’s dress being blown up her thigh while she stood over that windy subway gate.

Riley snapped this photo on the same trip she was honored as a Brad Davis SEC Community Service Leader.

2. Rocking an SEC title ring

You know what’s hot? Looking good in a bathing suit. You know what’s hotter? Rocking a championship ring. Here Riley is shown with her relay race teammates after the quarter ascended to the top of the SEC together in the pool.

If the swimming competition in the SEC is anywhere near as tough as the football, this is a serious accomplishment.

3. An athlete and a scholar

Dumb jocks are a dime-a-dozen. But scholar athletes? Gems. Here we see Riley with a book bag, presumably full of dense academic texts, proving her brains in the classroom match her brawn in the water.

4. With friends

There is something romantic in the American mythology about the man who is a lone ranger. He needs no one. Has no one. He is a bad man who keeps the other bad men at the door. Like Ryan Gosling in Drive — there is an allure to the outcast man.

But when it comes to girls, the opposite is true. Girls have a different social dynamic by nature. For a girl to prove she is able to maintain friendships and keep up public appearances with other girls is a good sign. Especially when the girl at issue is under consideration not just for dating but for marriage.

Which brings us to the last photo:

5. At the altar

Surely you are wondering why a picture of Riley getting married is further proof she is hot. Allow me to explain. Science proves that married people get busy in the sheets way more often than single people. So her and her new husband are probably getting after it. Minus the husband part, that is hot.

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  1. Hello Riley.
    Congratulations on your marriage. Your husband is a lucky guy. Suely the both are lucky. I have been wanting to contact for a long time. I just happen to see you on FOX News again and thought, it’s now or never.
    What I wanted tell you as well as all the other athletes that have worked so hard at getting the best you can be what my suggestion for the problem with the Trans-community is that you and others are dealing with. First if all I want to commend you for being so brave in fighting for girls and women’s sports. This was actually was my husbands input. When you and your other swimmers are standing on your starting block along with a Trans person. All of you need to go through the motions up until the gun goes off, at which point only the Trans person will go into the water while the rest of you step off the blocks. Let him swim his own race. This goes for the same for the track races. What a win running or swimming against NO ONE!

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