5 Reasons Why Psych Majors Have It The Hardest

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Waking up for 11 am classes is harder than you think. It’s time I speak up about the hardships that I and my fellow brain brethren have to go through as Psych majors.

  1. We are basically therapists. We know what you’re going through. As psych majors, we are burdened with the task of fixing all of your problems. Mind games are hard, so we need to always be ready to hear your issues. No matter what you say, we will always butt in with our opinion. It’s difficult to always know what everyone is thinking at all times.
  1. We have the most work out of any major. You can’t sit there and tell me that psych majors don’t have the most work. I’ve spoken to plenty of engineering majors, and they agree that psych has it the hardest. Writing 2-page essays every month isn’t easy, especially when you didn’t go to the past 2 classes. I only get PARTIAL credit when I submit work 3 days late, and that’s just not fair. They are lucky enough to get the work regardless.
  1. Self-diagnosing should be a major. There are so many diseases or conditions that I might have, so I need to be prepared. I diagnose myself with a ne ailment every week to study. I have such bad OCD that I can’t even leave my house without clothes on. I know… It’s that bad. It’s especially hard when I have to constantly explain to everyone what I have and why so they treat me correctly. My Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I are starting to think that people don’t even like hearing about my daily disease.
  1. Too many drugs. In order to understand all addictions and ailments, I have to do every drug available to a college student. This makes it hard doing work when I voluntarily force myself to go out  5 days a week as an exercise in alcoholism. My teachers and parents say I should stop, but they just don’t know the grind of a psych student. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t even go on weekly field trips to the local psych ward.
  1. My parents hate my major. Do you know how hard it is to come out to your parents? As a psych major? You’d think in 2021 parents would be more understanding when presented with a different lifestyle, but unfortunately, mine are stuck in the past with all their “law major” expectations.

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