5 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Grill

A man cooks grilled meat on a picturesque terrace in sunny weather.

Whether you believe in Mitzvahs, confirmation, or getting hazed as a pledge, we can all agree that becoming a man is something every guy must do in his lifetime. All that aside, there is something about learning how to operate a grill that truly makes you a man.You can’t tell me that the guy in your friend group that is a master on the grill doesn’t give off major dad energy.  Come on, what dad hasn’t gone through a phase where the smoke meats?

 I was introduced to the grill when I came home from my freshman year at college to find out my mom wasn’t “doing dinner anymore.” I guess it makes sense considering I am the youngest of four and she has been putting mediocre food on the table for over 20 years now. So my introduction to the grill was quite literally a trial by fire. It turns out the flame isn’t supposed to be at eye level when you’re cooking burgers. Who would have thought? After a few summers on the grill, I have expanded my menu and can now chef up some pretty tasty meats. That is why have created a list of 5 things I think every guy should know how to grill.


The burger is the star of the grilling scene. Whether you’re hitting your local pub or going out to a fancy steak house in Manhattan. a burger is going to be on the menu. The biggest thing to keep in mind when cooking burgers is that they keep cooking after you take them off the grill. So don’t be afraid to pull them off a little early and let them sit for a minute. Another thing you need to understand about burgers is that you could cook the perfect medium-rare patty, but your success will only go as far as your toppings selection. People love to choose their own adventure and feel like they are contributing to the meal so having toppings like onions, tomato, pickles, bacon, and lettuce. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get wild with the cheese. It seems like every barbecue stays in the lane of American cheese. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with American cheese, but there is a vast selection out there and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by limiting yourself to domestic cheese.

Hot dogs

The glizzy is an essential part of any backyard barbecue. Whether they’re the appetizer or the main course they complement the rest of the selection and bring a phenomenal culture to the spread. This is probably the easiest thing to grill on the entire list considering your only job is to make sure they don’t dry out. The last thing anyone wants is a hot dog that looks like your grandmother’s elbow. Hot dogs are pretty simple in the fact that the more money you spend the better they are going to come out. Personally, I think Thumann brand dogs are the best hot dog on the market and anyone who has had one would agree with me.

Chicken Wings

It isn’t football season without chicken wings. Whether you’re tailgating or watching at home, wings are an essential part of every sports fan’s existence. There is nothing in this world that cures a Sunday morning hangover quite like some greasy buffalo wings. The name of the game when grilling wings is to keep them moving and make sure every side gets equal attention. To maintain flavor and a clean grill make sure to toss the wings in buffalo sauce after you grill them. Otherwise, you’re gonna spend more time cleaning than grilling. Become the chicken wing guy of your friend group and you will assert your dominance on the grill.


Nothing fires the lads up like an amazing rack so ribs are a must off the grill. Ribs aren’t easy but with time and patience, they can become the fan favorite. Finding a good rub and BBQ sauce is really going to make all the difference. Do your research and find out what you like. No matter how much BBQ sauce you put on before grilling it can never hurt to put more on after. If you look up any tutorial online they will tell you that the key to cooking ribs is to remove the membrane. As gross as that sounds it pretty much just means peeling off the skin on the back side of the ribs. This can be a pain in the ass so make sure to defrost your ribs first. Once you can grill ribs you have become a weapon on the grill.

Chicken Breast

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to cook for a lovely lady, you can always count on grilled chicken. I truly believe that everyone on this planet likes grilled chicken. Whether you go to South America or India, you will find people eating some kind of chicken. That is why this is such an essential part of your menu. Also, grilled chicken is crucial to any cut diet so this can always come in handy. Unlike chicken wings, you are going to want to marinade your chicken before and only flip it a few times. The longer you marinade the better.

Cooking for yourself can suck if you go about it the wrong way. So the most crucial aspect of grilling is that you make it fun. Crack a few beers, play some music, and get outdoors. At the end of the day, no matter what you are cooking if you pay attention and plan ahead the food will taste more than fine. Make sure you defrost your meats, and nothing will help you improve like burning the fuck out of a few burgers.

Written by Brady White

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