50 Things I Miss About The NFL Season

The NFL season is officially 50 days away. I don’t know about you guys, but I literally cannot contain my excitement. In an attempt to get it all out, I’ve decided to list out all of the things I miss about the NFL season. Here are 50 things I miss about football season.

The List (in no particular order)

  1. Day drinking on Sunday
  2. Wearing ridiculous outfits to the fantasy football draft
  3. Wings
  4. Scott Hansen
  5. Early Sunday morning parlay crafting
  6. Vicious hits
  7. Division rivalries
  8. Immediately thinking you will win your fantasy league after drafting
  9. JJettas griddy
  10. Live betting Chiefs ML anytime they are losing
  11. Bill Belichick hoodie cutoffs
  12. Waiver wire pickups
  13. Waking up at 9am to watch the Jags play in London
  14. The dancing CBS robot
  15. Rooting against the Jets
  16. Game winning field goals
  17. Betting on the coin toss at the Super Bowl
  18. Watching the Cowboys collapse in the playoffs
  19. Checking injury statuses all week long
  20. Recrafting after the first slate doesn’t go as planned
  21. Pizza
  22. Colin Cowherd “heck of play by Mahomes” memes
  23. Sweating a hail mary SNF same game parlay to save the week
  24. Listening to Booger McFarland nonsense
  25. Not cheering for injury, but hiding your excitement when it happens to the other teams’ best player
  26. Andy Reid talking about cheeseburgers
  27. Not seeing your girlfriend on Sunday
  28. Screaming at the TV
  29. Watching Tua take an absolute beating every time he steps on the field
  30. Last second fantasy lineup tinkers
  31. Multiple screenage
  32. Free play
  33. Lamar Jackson elusive runs
  34. Coaching the boys from my couch
  35. Fantasy trade r*pe
  36. One handed catches
  37. Making Thursdays enjoyable
  38. Defensive players scoring on offense
  39. Sweats all day Sunday
  40. Reverse line movement
  41. Immediately making fun of your friend when his favorite team loses
  42. Bills mafia
  43. “Mom, I need more pizza rolls!”
  44. Player props
  45. Big man fumble recovery touchdowns
  46. Brunch —> kickoff
  47. Team choreographed celebrations
  48. Shot 5s to make sure you keep your perfect seat
  49. Fantasy punishments
  50. Letting the outcome of a game affect my mood for the day
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Written by Alex Becker

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