8 Funny Ass TV Shows You Definitely Haven’t Seen Before

Two things people need to know about me right off the bat: I’m a film major and am not good at very many things. While that will most likely lead me to a career in burger-flipping, there is one silver lining which I’ve decided to share with you today. Here are some funny-ass TV shows that I guarantee you haven’t seen before.

Vice Principals

Danny McBride stars in this comedy about two co-vice principals competing for the sole principal role next fall. There is enough high jinks and flat-out absurdity in this rivalry show to keep you laughing while also providing an actual storyline with twists and turns that will make you not want to stop watching.


The title sounds sappy, but this show is hilarious. It comes from the great mind of Judd Apatow who is also responsible for classics such as The 40-Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, and Superbad just to name a few. The three season show follows Gus and Mickey, two LA strangers who try to navigate the dating world, love, and their careers. While the plot does often revolve around romance, there is no shortage of laughs with this show as it tackles topics like binge drinking, threesomes, and even mushrooms.

Space Force

I bet you’ve seen this scrolling through Netflix and just decided not to watch it because it “looked dumb” and “didn’t have great reviews.” While those may both be true, this show is absolutely outstanding. Yes, it is often very stupid as it contains several gags and jokes that are there purely for comedic effect rather than plot, but that doesn’t make it unenjoyable. While he usually plays idiots like Brick Tamland and Michael Scott, Steve Carrell nails it as a US general who has found himself outside of his traditional comfort zone now leading the new branch of Space Force. Personally, I love the whole show, especially season two. Yet, if you are skeptical, just watch up until the monkey episode. If you still don’t like it past that, then fine you can give up, just know that you have no sense of humor.

I’m Sorry

The best way I could describe this show is a female-led version of Curb Your Enthusiasm. While I too usually hate female reboots and knock-offs, this show is actually incredibly funny. There are a bunch of relatable and comical encounters that all come together at the end of each episode in a bizarre fashion. This show likes to see how far things can go and is not afraid to inch close to “the line.” Also, it stars Brennan’s therapist from Step Brothers so you know it needs to be good.

Paradise PD

If you’re a fan of adult animated shows but are tired of only watching South Park and Family Guy, check this out. It follows a police station which always finds itself in absolute chaos. Between a son desperately trying to impress his chief of police father, a drug dog addicted to drugs, and the fattest officer you’ve ever seen there are a lot of jokes to go around. This is one of the most blatantly ridiculous shows I’ve ever seen, but that’s what makes it so great.

Summer Heights High

This 2007 sitcom surrounds one man playing three characters in a British high school: a break dance loving teen punk, a bratty popular girl, and the seemingly homosexual theater teacher. This is the type of show for when you just want a laugh. There is no thinking needed, barely much of a plot, and so many stereotypes nailed perfectly on the head.

Rules of Engagement

You have probably heard of this show, but I doubt you’ve ever watched the whole thing. If you are unfamiliar with this show, it’s your classic 2000s sitcom like How I Met Your Mother or Mike & Molly. The series features a married couple, a newly engaged couple, and a single man. With a cast that includes David Spade and the guy who voices Joe in Family Guy, you will soon find yourself laughing along with the laugh track that annoys at first.


Starring Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends), this series takes a satirical approach to the world of Hollywood. Following a couple from the UK who come to the US to produce a new version of their wildly popular British sitcom, Episodes details the way shows are developed, changed, and produced, all while poking fun at the lives of famous people in LA. There is drama that will make you want to watch on, but also enough satire and parody to satisfy your hankering for humor.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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