A Message for Crybaby Deebo Samuel from an Eagles Fan

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NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles

Deebo Samuel is one of the most impressive players in NFL history. He’s one of the most talented players running and catching the ball, and he does this all with the emotional maturity of a toddler. In a conversation with Complex.com, he talked about losing the NFC Championship game, saying the 49ers lost because they, “played with 10 people.” 

Deebo is of course mentioning the fact that both of their active quarterbacks in the game ended up being planted into the ground by the Eagles’ defensive line and were unable to throw any passes. In the interview, he called the Eagles his most hated team and said, “All the trash talk coming from the Eagles’ fan base and the players, you just get tired of that.” It’s pretty simple what Deebo needs to do about this situation. GET OVER IT. You look like the biggest crybaby in a league filled with them. 

As one of the Eagles fans who antagonized him in his comment section after the game, I can guarantee you that he just poked a sleeping bear. There were still some cheesesteak-eating-trolls in his comment section for sure, but the majority of Philadelphia fans had moved on. That was until he decided that he wanted some sympathy because he wasn’t gifted a path to the Super Bowl. Also, did he think he was going to prove some big point about Philadelphia fans behaving poorly? Everyone already knows we’re assholes. Not until we start messing with your family in the audience is our poor treatment of you newsworthy. You know what it’s called when you get verbally abused by 40,000 Philadelphians? Sunday.

Let’s clear something up. The 49ers quarterbacks didn’t magically start dropping like flies. The 49ers forgot to protect their quarterbacks, and as a result they lost the game before the second half started. The Eagles destruction of the Niners is the most violent thing to happen on an NFL field since Myles Garrett tried turning a helmet into a deadly weapon, or since Aaron Donald tried to turn a helmet into a deadly weapon. I don’t know what stage of grief he is in the middle of right now, but he better get to acceptance by the time the season starts.

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