A Sad Philly Sports Fan’s Take On The Current State Of Philadelphia Sports teams.

I am upset I honestly believed the birds had it. The birds were soaring into the second half with a nice 10-point lead with Patrick Mahomes limping back to the locker room. We looked great. Then in the second half, we shit the bed. Mahomes during Rihanna’s banger halftime show must have hit some bumps off of some of Andy Reid’s son’s special stuff because Mahomes came out and carved up the best defense in football.

Then add in Pacheco putting his balls down our defensive lineman’s throats all night like an SEC sorority girl. The chiefs are going to win the game. Sure I agree that the last defensive holding call was complete bullshit and it shouldn’t have been called. But we should have never been there in the first place, we had a ten-point lead with the chiefs on their back foot. We had Jalen hurts playing one of the best games of his career on a bum-throwing arm.

The poles were greased but they were not climbed, the streets were ready to be destroyed, and the Delco girls were ready to meet their new husbands but we couldn’t get it done. This year for Philly sports made me feel like I was meeting my extended family, where for the first 2 hours you have a blast getting hammered with your grandparents. But by the end of your night just want to blow your brains out.

That is the sad current state of Philly sports hype everybody up by getting to the biggest stage. Just to shit the bed and ruin everybody’s year. In summary, we may have lost the Superbowl and the World Series but we will be back. I leave you with this we may be down but you can never count Philly sports out. GO EAGLES, FUCK DALLAS.  

Written by Nolan Breslin

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