A Shorts Company Is Sending College Students Whip-Its?

Two weeks ago, a mysterious package arrived at my house addressed to ”Phil Myanus.” It contained 100 whip-it cartridges, a Nerf Vortex ball, and enough Big League Chew to keep a Little League team happy for months. 

The return address said Birddogs Shorts. I think they’re serious. I did some digging on reddit and it turns out these “gift” boxes have been popping up at frats around the country.

Birddogs makes shorts with the liner built inside. They’re loud, short and actually super comfortable. The comfort is not an accident, they stole Lululemon’s designer and let the man cook.

As a marketing major, I have a lot of respect for a company that plays it ballsy. I’m yet to receive a box of whip-its from Chubbies.Marketing ideas like this are probably the reason that Birddogs is perpetually sold out going on 2 summers now.

They must be doing something right. Is this what companies do these days? If so, I’m all for it.  And Birddogs if you’re listening, I’ve got 20 friends who wear nothing but your shorts. Please give me a job.

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