Aaron Boone Ejected for Hilarious Meltdown

Aaron Boone can’t bit his tongue anymore. In the past few weeks, he has been the face of the Yankees and their recent struggles. It’s up for debate whether or not the issues surrounding the team are his fault. But either way, his defensive media push has been an absolute joy to watch. He just gave a fantastic interview with the best baseball fan on the internet, Jomboy Media. More recently, he just had the most colorful ejection the MLB has seen in years. 

This might be Aaron Boone’s last season coaching in the Bronx. The Yankees season is in limbo right now. They refuse to go on a good, or bad run to escape the middle of the AL standings. The team currently has no identity, and according my friend who is a Yankees fan, it falls on the GM. Despite this, fans have been calling for Boone to get something out of this Yankees team. I don’t know what else Yankees fans want, because watching my manager go this crazy would fire me right up. 

Terry Collins and his famous, “You gotta give us a shot!” ejection has been the gold standard of angry MLB managers for a while now. Boone matched that energy without us hearing a single word that he said. The charades act he pulls off behind the plate is more dramatic than most high school theater leads. His performance can likely be studied by actors for generations to come.

Another thing that put me on Boone’s side in this debate, was seeing just how bad this ump was. An account known as, “@umpscorecards” on Twitter posted a graphic that shows just how bad he did. And it might make you want to scream at the guy too. The guy actually missed a literal third of the called strikes in the game.

Maybe it’s time to lay off of Aaron Boone and his managerial decisions. He might not be able to coach a baseball team out of a slump, but the man is cutting promos on MLB umpires. He’s a good guy in my book for that alone.

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