Aaron Rodgers: Drug Guy

Former NFL MVP and newest Jets quarterback is not afraid to come forward and let everyone know that he does drugs. He has spoken on many podcasts about his love for Ayahuasca and other psychedelic drugs. His newest “drug guy” stunt is with a second-year defensive back where it seems like their handshake includes a gesture where they are smoking weed,

Off the field, Rodgers and Gardner have been seen spending time together. In May, they attended a Knicks playoff game. During the outing, Gardner revealed that he was unfamiliar with actress Jessica Alba, prompting Rodgers to tease him about his youthfulness.

Known for his weird interests, Rodgers has openly embraced his hippie lifestyle, engaging in activities like darkness retreats and ayahuasca experiences. He attributes his “best season” in 2021 to the psychedelic drug, which helped him learn self-love and subsequently loves others unconditionally.

Aaron Rodgers is that one uncle, who really isn’t your uncle, that never got over being in college and still tries to relive his glory days at family parties and baby showers. Asking everyone who looks “of age” if they want to participate in a shotgun or rage cage. Except Aaron sticks strictly to psychedelic drugs and not taking vaccines.

Not only is Aaron a drug guy, he is also a Swiftie. He was at Taylor Swift’s concert in New Jersey with Miles Teller. When you watch this video, try and convince me that he is not on shrooms. Either way, I am happy that Aaron is having fun in New York and he was finally able to break up with the state of Wisconsin.

Written by TFM Stelly

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