Aaron Rodgers Riding Around In The Back Of A Pickup Truck With A Case Of Beer Is The Most Relatable He’s Ever Been

A couple of days ago that Tik Tok went viral. You don’t have to look closely to realize that the man in the back is 3 time MVP (I’m assuming he wins it again this year), Super Bowl winner, and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers. He’s just chilling in the back of his offensive lineman’s truck bed with a case of Bud Light.

I can’t relate to winning Super Bowls, being a millionaire, and banging Olivia Munn.

But I can relate to driving around in your buddy’s truck bed. If you’re from a small town like I am there’s a very good chance that you’ve been in the back of a pickup truck. Maybe you made a homemade pool in a truck bed, or there wasn’t enough room and you had to jump in the truck bed to get to a party.

During my senior year of high school there was one weekend where there’s a party in the middle of fucking nowhere. It was a solid 15 minute drive that led to a house that was surrounded by woods and was the perfect spot for a house party. Well my friend had a shitty 2 door Ford Ranger and this was before it was funny to make Tik Toks of having a Ford Ranger.

It was in the middle of January and it was around 5 degrees out, you add that to going 60, and it was safe to say that my balls were in my stomach. I was stone cold sober, but when you’re going 60 and you’re staring up at the stars that seem to be traveling at light speed I felt like I was tripping balls.

It’s safe to say that I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is going anywhere even though Packer fans were thinking about jumping off a bridge after his post game conference. I don’t think it’s acceptable to ride around in a pickup bed in any place other than Green Bay.

Written by Mailman Dave

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