According to Celtics’ Smart, Potential Sweep Doesn’t Matter Since They Beat the Heat Last Year…

In a clip released earlier today on Twitter, Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart can be heard yelling at the Miami Heat bench in a pathetic attempt to belittle the fact that Jimmy Butler and a bunch of undrafted guys were absolutely dismantling them. It’s not entirely clear what Smart says, but the internet’s interpretation seems to be pretty spot on:

I’ve played my fair share of black-top basketball – this is the classic “bring up something completely irrelevant” chirp when you’re getting whooped. But, that’s something you should expect out of a third-grader, not a former Defensive Player of the Year. I’m honestly appalled that Marcus Smart would say something like this during a game, but it’s pretty spot-on with the Celtics’ performance throughout this series. Whether it’s brutal fourth quarters from Tatum and Brown or blatant coaching mishaps from Joe Mazzulla, Boston looks downright helpless. Boston has been home to some of the greatest trash-talkers the NBA has ever seen – Kevin Garnett and Larry Bird in particular –  so Marcus Smart whining about the Heat’s consistent smack-talk is incredibly surprising, to say the least. 

The Celtics and Heat will square off in game four tomorrow night, and with Miami’s undefeated home post-season record, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the brooms were brought out. A lot of negative attention has been placed on the Celtics’ coaching and star play, but you’ve got to admire what Erik Spoelstra has done with this roster. Only one other team has ever made the NBA Finals as an eighth-seed, not to mention the fact that the Heat have nine undrafted players. Short of a miracle, we should be seeing a Heat-Nuggets series for the NBA Championship. Although Jokic and Murray have been killing it as of late, don’t count out Jimmy Butler and the Heat as it only seems to motivate them deeper. 

Written by the godfather

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