Activist Glues Herself to Court at Clippers Timberwolves

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Ah playoff basketball. Always something interesting. Well last night during the Clipper Timberwolves Play-in game, some “activist” tried to use ELMERS glue to glue herself to the court protesting the owner. Kind of ironically she ended up helping him.

The Clippers had been in control of the game for the most part, and this stoppage, while it was only a couple of minutes, gave the TWolves enough time to get their shit together and kill any momentum the Clippers had. The Timberwolves came roaring back and ended up hanging on to win the game and officially punch their ticket to the Postseason.

I mean honestly, this lady absolutely got her message across. This was a pretty big deal and was trending all over the internet last night and into the morning. While her method was weird, the biggest issue I had with her antics was it seems like she used plain old Elmer’s glue. Spend the extra two dollars and get some superglue! Her plan would have worked so much better.

While animal abuse is not cool and should be protested against, I think interrupting an important sporting event will probably turn people off from your cause instead of gaining some supporters. Yes, these people do crazy things like scream at you for drinking a fair-life protein shake because they think they tortured their cows, but they do have good intentions. I think. Side note I still don’t know how they pack 42 grams of protein in a 230-calorie drink and have it taste amazing. Witchcraft.

Right message wrong method, but thank you lady for the great content and something to write about while I’m in history class.

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