Activities To Pass The Time During Class

Obviously, no one pays attention during class in college. If you do, you’re either a nerd or an idiot. For us regular folk who only like to learn the day before an exam, class is pretty much just a two hour time frame where you need to sit in a designated seat. It sucks. To make it suck some less, here are eight things you can do to pass the time in class.

Work For Another Class

Yes, I know this is a boring option. However, you are going to need to do that assignment at some point so you may as well do it now. Just think of it this way. You can either be bored and do work now, allowing you to drink and smoke with your friends the rest of the day. Or, you could be bored now, do boring work later, and not get to drink and smoke with your friends. Don’t be the guy who doesn’t drink and smoke with his friends. No one likes that guy.


If you are unfamiliar with Sporcle, it’s a website with a bunch of trivia quizzes and puzzles. They have quizzes on literally everything you could imagine. Test your NBA knowledge or try to name every cameo from The Office. Seriously, you could waste weeks of your life playing games on this site. It’s awesome.


TikTok needs sound and Instagram is more of a phone app than a website. Twitter however is all reading. There’s some crazy stuff on there too. Memes, sports news, bar fights, you name it X has it.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

If you want to win your league, you are going to need to live on the waiver wire. Class is the best time to take an in-depth look at all available options.


Wanna make some money while you sit there learning about quantum entanglement? Survey Junkie will pay you $5 to answer 100 questions about your grocery habits. Now that’s a get rich quick scheme if I’ve ever seen one. Thanks, TikTok! Maybe next I’ll try drop shipping.


I’m pretty sure your professor isn’t allowed to restrict bathroom access. Dump on company time and kill two birds with one log.

Google Image “Dogs In Human Clothes”

So many photos. So many laughs.

Get Drunk

Really wanna pass the time? Treat class like an airplane and get blacked off sipping whiskey. Just pour some Crown in your Hydro Flask and you’re good to go. No one will suspect a thing. Well, that is until you become restless and begin screaming obscenities. 

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Written by Alex Becker

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