Adam22 Doesn’t Have it So Bad

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Adam22 and Lena The Plug have a pretty strange relationship. The married couple have grown Vinny Chase rich from their hybrid podcast-adult content series. The two of them typically bring a female guest on the show for an interview. Then, they remove their clothes, and engage in some intense cardio. This time, Adam22 took on a behind the scenes creative role, and found a man to bed his wife, without him. 

The internet has thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Adam22 willingly became a cuckold before celebrating his one-year anniversary. Him and his wife have a mainstream appeal that is typically unmatched by the titans in the adult film industry. As a result, Adam22 has been the butt of the joke on Twitter recently.

Before I jump on the, “Adam22 is a cuck-loser” bandwagon, I think it’s necessary to look at this through the eyes of regular human beings. I can imagine that marrying a porn star and sharing her with another man is not a feeling. But take a step back. This is a topic of discussion that you and your friends have had since you were in grade school. How much money would it take you to do blank? I’m imagining the money he got from the video along with the free marketing the internet has gifted him is enough where he hasn’t lost much sleep over this. 

The problem for Adam22 isn’t the fact that someone who makes his Italian sausage look like a Tootsie Roll bed his wife. It’s the fact that he’s had to hear and talk about it for the past two weeks. Him and his wife analyzed film like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and she told him all about how it affected her during and after the scene. He had to hear about how she felt normal, “three or four days after.” I wiped a tear for him when I heard that. 

In addition to him questioning the suddenly improved mood of his wife, he has to find some of the cruelest Tweets of all time about himself. Some celebrities claim not to be affected by what the internet says about them. I’m lucky to get two comments on a blog in a month, so I can’t speak on this. But what I can say with confidence, is that some of his friends saw the following meme.

Despite all this, Adam22 seems unaffected by this. He bought Lena the Plug a Ferrari to celebrate the scene, and has honestly been funnier about the scene than anyone else on the internet. He even thanked the man who did the deed, saying “I appreciate you banging my wife.” 

He’s probably been holding a clenched fist out of view of every camera he’s on the past week. Either way, Adam22 doesn’t have it so bad.

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