Adidas Under Fire After Putting a Man in a Women’s Bathing Suit

Adidas Pride Collection | Rich Mnisi Designed

The woke vs. anti-woke battles rages on, and today Adidas is at the forefront of the battle of political correctness. Upon the unveiling of their 2023 “Pride Collection,” Adidas elected to use a biological male to model one of their bathing suits from the women’s line of clothing. The sportswear brand immediately faced backlash that claimed the company was joining the ranks of Bud Light in “woke marketing” and the “erasure of women.”

The main issue with the choice seems to be the fact that the swimsuit is filed under the women’s category, and the person modeling that swimsuit has a hairy chest and a massive bulge. This means that if I had been the one wearing it, no one would have said anything except, “That girl with the short hair seems to have a larger than average clitoris.”

Among other people whose opinions no one cares about, some of the biggest names to speak out against the choice to use a male for this modeling of the swimsuit include Riley Gaines and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

My general position on these types of matters is somewhat controversial, and it’s that I really don’t care whatsoever. I do, however, have one major issue with this one in particular: Adidas is expecting people to pay seventy freaking dollars for that thing. I don’t think anybody should be paying $70 for a bathing suit that looks like its design came from a children’s coloring book, but listen Adidas, if you’re going to try to sell an overpriced women’s bathing suit for that amount of money, I think it would be wise not to make them think they need a wiener to fill out the crotch section. It’s just bad marketing.

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