Advice From A Girl – How to Land A Chick

I asked yesterday on the TFM Instagram what advice you would ask a girl. After sifting through sexist, offensive responses, I found three questions that I have answers for.

Now, I may not be the most qualified to advise men. However, I do have a vajayjay, which gives me the perspective you bbs are missing.

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We’re talking shit. Not always. But if something happens and your girl starts acting weird and all of a sudden she and the other girls go to the bathroom. Chances are, they’re talking shit. 

Maybe you brought up another girl one too many times. Maybe you are acting moody and she needs to complain. But if you feel a weird vibe, and all the girls go to the bathroom for 20 minutes, they’re talking shit.

Now, they may not be talking about you. 

If all the girls but ONE go to the bathroom. They are talking shit about that one girl. If your girl tells you what they talked about, you are in the clear. 

On the other hand, if all the girls go to the bathroom and when your girl comes back, she’s acting weird? For sure talking shit about you. If you ask her if everything’s okay, and she responds “everything good” or “everything’s fine.” What the fuck did you do?!?!?!? If when she comes back, you put her arm around her, and she doesn’t lean in or cuddle with you, it’s too late. You’re fighting later. You ignored the warning signs too long. They went to the bathroom, your girl complained, her girls backed her up, and she feels justified. You can’t go back from that. You’re fighting

I think confidence in a guy is perceived differently in guys than in girls. For example, guys see girls in bikini pics, feeling themselves, and they think – she’s confident. However, if a guy is posting a ton of beach pics, where he’s arching his back like he’s the male Pamela Anderson, I think his Dad didn’t hug him enough. To be fair, this may be my opinion!!! But to back me up here is some proof. We all love Addison Rae being sexy online. However, when the TikTok boys do it, it’s weird. 

I think confidence in a guy is the ability to not care what people think. A lot of times it’s the guy who is the life of the party who seems the most confident… But it can also be the guy who wears whatever the fuck he wants. 

Mostly, you see confidence in guys who are not afraid of being rejected. They ask girls out directly. Give girls compliments. Even if the girl isn’t interested, women respect you for being direct (as long as you’re not being creepy). Make eye contact. Ask to buy her a drink. Make it CLEAR you are interested or you will be friend-zoned. Our attention span is short, so if you don’t make a move, someone else will. Sure, you can slither your way into talking to a girl through drunk nights and flirty texts. But a few months in, she will realize you never took her to dinner. You didn’t buy her drinks because you were scared. You never told her how good she looked. Her friends will get flowers from guys, that you were too scared to send because you thought she would think it’s weird. Even if she thinks it’s weird, if you confidently do something, women respect it. I think it’s our biology. Men do something daring and females feel protected because the guy isn’t afraid of being rejected. 

Another act of being confident is not taking bullshit from people. Our sweet TFM daddy Toby does this well. He isn’t aggressive. But he will not be disrespected. That kind of confidence is greatly respected by women. If a girl sees you stand up for yourself or even better, her (CALMLY NO WORLD STAR FIGHTS), it oozes confidence. 

First off, chubby doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy!!!!!

I’ll be honest, landing girls in a club has to do with your looks. Firstly, because you will only see them a few times in your life. Secondly, you can’t even hear them talk so it doesn’t matter what their personality is. So if you’re trying to land someone when you’re out, you have got to be confident. Go dance on the floor with someone. Sometimes the hottest girls are so intimidating that guys don’t talk to them, even if they’re making eye contact with them. So you go talk to them!! 

However, if you are looking for a relationship, looks are not as important. In a relationship, in my experience, girls need to feel heard, understood, and comfortable. If you’re going to spend a lot of time with someone, you want to be able to be yourself. You want someone who will be there for you when you’re feeling down. If you don’t do that for your girl, someone else will.

When you see a hot girl with an average guy, one of two things is happening. 

  1. He’s rich 
  2. She has encountered a lot of shitty guys and this guy makes her feel comfortable.

I get your frustrations of being seen as a friend because you don’t bench press girls at clubs. But you are a catch!!

Nice guys finish last, but it’s only because they let their girlfriends cum first <3 

OKAY if you hated this I don’t care. TFM pays me either way. See you next week:)

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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