After Tonight’s Legendary Performance, Kevin Durant Needs To Bring Back Slim Reaper

Kevin Durant had one of the best playoff performances in recent history dropping 49 points, 17 rebounds, and 10 assists while playing every god damn minute of the game. Tonight was a statement game that Durant is one of the best scorers in NBA history. Kyrie is hurt; Harden looked like he spent 17 hours at a strip club last night as he is also injured but played. All Durant had was Blake Griffin with robo legs, old-ass Jeff Green, and many players that hardcore NBA fans wouldn’t know. The Bucks were looking to go up 3-2 and whoever wins game 5 has an 84% chance of winning the entire series. Durant said fuck that and dominated tonight and led the Nets to a victory.

I hate this Nets team because I’m a Knicks fan and I also don’t really like Harden or Kyrie, but I love Durant. I became a huge NBA fan in 2008, so I’ve watched Durant’s entire career. Going from the Mom Made Pizza Rolls Thunder.

To the villain on the Warriors, and now to the Nets. There’s no denying how amazing Durant is and how great of a scorer he is. With his amazing scoring, it earned him the nickname Slim Reaper. Durant has had nicknames like Easy Money Sniper, and that’s a good nickname, but Slim Reaper hits differently.

When Durant hit this ridiculous three to put the Nets up 109-105 with under a minute left, this was the dagger that ripped the souls out of the Bucks players and fans. The Slim Reaper struck again.

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