AI-Powered S*x Robots May Eliminate Need for Human Partners…

According to ex-Google executive Mo Gawdat, artificial-intelligence-powered robots may soon become so advanced that they could “eliminate the need for a human partner in the bedroom”. Gawdat based this wild prediction on the already-existing influence that virtual reality and artificial intelligence have in each of our lives, particularly in terms of intimacy. Long story short, he believes that eventually, the human race won’t be able to tell the difference between reality and artificial sexual encounters. 

The idea of getting intimate with a robot might seem weird now, but I’m personally all for it. Trying to wheel some random girl back to your place from the bar just isn’t an efficient way of satisfying our needs as human beings – and I think many of you would agree. As long as these AI-powered robots don’t start pumping out alien children, I’m confident that people will hop on the hype train. Heck, I’ll even volunteer my time to test said robots to expedite the process of making these things mainstream. 

The real question I have about these robots has nothing to do with intercourse. Rather, will my robot spend time with me after I’m finished or does it just go back to its charging station like a Roomba? I know sometimes the fellas get lonely, so maybe a “listening” feature could be a nice touch? Just a thought. 

If these robots can become affordable to a majority of the public, I don’t see how they wouldn’t be extremely popular. But, with how expensive all these new VR goggles are, I’d expect an AI-powered robot to definitely cost a pretty penny. And it’s not like you could implement a payment plan for these things – what if someone just fails to pay? I’m not so sure that repossessing this type of robot is a viable option.

Written by the godfather

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