AI Voice Tik Tok: Dangerously Funny?

Hologram of the artificial intelligence robot showing up from binary code.

If you’ve been on Tik Tok recently, you’ve likely stumbled across the new genre of AI generated voices featuring figures like Elon Musk or Ben Shapiro. They are deadly accurate, more accurate than the Navy Seals who absolutely domed those Somalian pirates to save Captain Phillips.

The scripts are hilarious too. Often times it is gameplay with some 2013 Call of Duty like insults being thrown around between Trump, Biden, and Obama. I recently saw one where it was Joe Rogan saying he “went to the beach that makes you old,” which sounds like some literal whack ass thing he’d say.

As funny as these are, imagine how terrifying it would be if someone did it with your voice. Imagine a soundbite of you saying “I would suck on Oprah’s big mommy honkers until I had a pale of her sweet milk that could feed a new born calf.”

But also imagine puffing on the Mitch McConnell cart until you’re blasted, then making those audio clips. I would be off my keister if I could make Lebron say “I’m taking my talents to the San Antonio Spurs.”

Anyways, no matter how many different ways you could blackmail someone with a fake clip of their voice, those Tik Toks are hilarious and I will continue to watch them.

Written by Matty Ice

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