Ain’t No Stoppin Obi Toppin In The Slam Dunk Contest

The full list of the NBA dunk contest hasn’t been released yet, but the Knicks’ rookie has agreed to compete in this year’s slam dunk contest. Zion Williamson is rumored to compete, but if he’s really the next LeBron, he’ll tease the public for a decade about competing in the slam dunk contest.

The slam dunk contest is more for kids and isn’t really a serious contest anymore. Last year there was the whole controversy with Dwyane Wade and Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon was going against Wade’s ex-teammate Derrick Jones Jr, and the judges kept having them tie. It was the last round of overtime, and Wade tried to be a mathematician and made it, so they tied. Well, he fucked up, and Jones Jr won.

Obi Toppin is having a meh season for the Knicks. I love him as a Knicks fan, and that might be because every time he touches the ball, I scream Ain’t No Stoppin Obi Toppin at the top of my lungs. He’s only averaging 4.8 points, 2.4 rebounds and is only playing 12.1 minutes a game. It’s not his fault Julius Randle is starting over him, and rightfully so. Randle has made his first-ever all-star game this season while averaging 23.2 points per game, 11 rebounds, and 5.5 assists a game. It’s clear that Randle is the best player on the Knicks, and the improvement of his game and the addition of Tom Thibodeau have made the Knicks fun again.

You know what else is fun is watching NBA players throw down nasty ass dunks, which Toppin does best.

The last time a Knick won the dunk contest is when Nate Robinson won the contest 4 times in a row from 2006-2010. Robinson was a hope for short kings around the world that maybe one day they could dunk. When I say short kings for basketball players, I just mean anybody who’s under 6 feet. Before Robinson was getting knocked the fuck out by Jake Paul, he was jumping over Dwight Howard in dunk contests.

I don’t care if Obi Toppin wins this year’s dunk contest. I know it’ll be fun to root for a Knicks player during an all-star weekend.

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