Alabama Baseball Coach Fired for Stupidity and Throwing Games

Alabama has fired the manager of their baseball team, Brad Bohannon, for a gambling issue involving an 8-6 loss to LSU. There was a report that came out a few days ago stating there was suspicious betting activity on this game. Supposedly, two very large bets were put on LSU before Bohannon told his starting pitcher he wasn’t pitching, about an hour before the game started. Betting on Alabama baseball games was temporarily on hold while the investigation was carried out, and the conclusion of all of this conclusion will is the firing of Bohannon. 

I didn’t know who Bohannon was before today, but I can tell from my surface level research that he’s quite the moron. Like the level of moron your dad thinks your friends are in middle school. This bozo let his buddies clean house on a game against a conference opponent, and he barely even lost the game. His team was down seven runs down the stretch of the game and they scored five unanswered runs. Assuming he wasn’t a total moron and he was actually going to see financial benefits of this brilliant scheme, he must’ve been absolutely panicked as his team started to score. Imagine the dugout getting riled up during a rally while the coach is dripping in sweat, as he pinch hits the worst player on the team.

I’m sure there are ways he could’ve covered this up. He probably thought he was so slick. I’d like to think he was bragging to his buddy about this, and told him, “Nah, I got it under control. I’m just having my friend place the bet for me.” What an idiot. It sucks for the players on Alabama’s roster. On the other hand, I’m very happy for the ability to have a laugh at this guy’s expense. People cement themselves into sports history with all-time performances. I think that should apply to Bohannon, for his all-time stupid performance trying to throw the game against LSU.

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  1. I just can’t fathom this level of corruption in college athletics. In the SEC, no less. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

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