Album Review: Justin Bieber’s Justice

Back in 2015, Justin changed his style of music to what I would call “more grown-up”. His 2015 album “Purpose” was hugely successful and in my opinion, gave a much-needed smelling salt head rush to his career. I thought the album was a step in the right direction and a good change. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t listened to “Company” unironically at least 30 times. I’d also be lying if said I didn’t use to put this album on when making out with my girlfriend to get her in the mood so… thanks, Justin. Thanks to you I lost my virginity in a church parking lot.

His newest album “Justice” album follows the exact same pattern of stereotypical pop electronic instrumentals with Justin’s smooth silky voice trying way too hard to make every nursing major as wet as possible every second of a song. I don’t think I was surprised at all. It’s the same album made by the same twerp that Anne Frank would’ve hated. This album meets all the requirements of a Justin Bieber album:

1 acoustic song to make Justin seem more personal, 1 religious song that casually pushes religion onto young and impressionable women, at least 3 features that all hate the fact they have to be clean for once in their lives, and at least 50 girls I follow on Instagram posting a story about it.

My issue with Justin’s music is that I should love it. I love his instrumentals. They are big synth and bass-oriented which I am a sucker for so I can’t help but at least listen to the song. The issue is just the fact that it’s fucking Justin Beiber. His voice annoys me. He sounds like that friend that changes his voice as soon as a girl walks in and won’t acknowledge it. “What do you mean this is how I always sound”.

That’s the problem. I hate this album because I know it’s Justin Bieber. I bet you if you took the same instrumental and lyrics of one of his songs I haven’t heard, had a different person sing it, and played it for me I would probably love it. Do I have to separate the art from the artist?

Overall, I think Justin is due for another switch in his music… not for him but for my own interest. He has been doing this style of music that is still going to get him massive fame and everybody’s gonna keep loving it because it sounds like if Bruno Mars played Fortnite. I wanna see Justin rap.

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