Alec Baldwin Called Server a “Peasant”

After making his first appearance since he shot and killed someone on the set of Rust the tragic accident that took place while filming the new Western movie, Rust, Alec Baldwin wasted no time jumping back into headlines for not so great reasons. While this one is nowhere near as bad as being the trigger-puller behind an accidental fatal shooting, it’s still not a great look for the actor.

While at the PEN America Literary Gala last Thursday, Baldwin allegedly called a female server a “peasant” as she walked away from his table. As hilarious of an insult as that is, the server claims that Baldwin was “patronizing” and “agitated” as she was simply trying to do her job. This is a surprise to absolutely no one, as Baldwin is a known bastard, but the full details of the story really show what a scumbag he is.

According to the server, whose job it is to tell waiters when and in what order to put down the plates, said to Baldwin, “I’m sorry sir, but we’re going to have servers walking through the tables here in a minute,” while Baldwin was talking to the head of the table. Baldwin supposedly responded in a hilariously douchey way, saying, “So when is a good time to talk to my friends?” and continued in an annoyed tone, “Do I have to explain it to you?” When she told him that he did not need to explain it, she claims he responded, “Well, then step aside.”

As the server walked away, coworkers told her that Baldwin called her a peasant, evidently not pleased with the way she was doing her job. The server said Baldwin was the only person there that treated her poorly, citing Colin Jost specifically as someone that was incredibly polite. In all fairness to Alec Baldwin, Colin Jost is putting his dingaling in Scarlett Johansson, so it’s to be expected that Jost would have literally nothing to complain about ever.

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