Alexandra Daddario Posts Near Nude Selfie

Alexandra Daddario gave the world a gift and posted a nude selfie on her Instagram. The image sees her seated in an uncomfortable looking crossed position to hide everything interesting. But it’s still nice to see a reminder of the reason we all gave True Detective a try. If you don’t know what I’m referring to please click on that link. This picture was a nice thing to see while scrolling my timeline today, so I figured I would give it some more well-deserved attention.


I always love when an incredibly attractive, talented person like Daddario acknowledges that fans love to see them in no clothing. Miley Cyrus has been doing this for years, flashing every third camera that points at her. Alexandra Daddario is following suit, and doing a great job following this trend. I hate body positivity for making it politically incorrect for making fun of my friends when they put on weight. But I love the fact that it encourages the hottest actresses America has to offer to post stuff like this. 

Alexandra Daddario is in the top tier of actresses that consume my sexual fantasies. She took Baywatch from tolerable to enjoyable, and she even dated Charlie on It’s Always Sunny. She is a great actress. But the only reason I can confidently make that claim, is because her presence has taken countless movies from boring to must see in my eyes. She deserves to choose any role she wants for whatever she declares is her price. As long as she is in a tight shirt, she could walk around a film set as she pleases and never say a word. I don’t need any more information. I’d watch that movie. 

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