“Alien” Creature Presented In Mexican Congress, Is The Earth Screwed?

Aliens have been in the news more than anything else over the last 6 months. The newest alien has been released and these are the things that were presented in the Mexican Congress.

Besides the memes from social media being fantastic, I think we need to take a step back and ask ourselves as humans, “Are we scared of these things?”

All I have heard in my life is that aliens are going to take over the Earth whenever they want, but are we really sure these things could beat us at anything? I think my childhood dog could rip one of these things’ heads off with ease.

I seriously have some doubt about whether these things could beat us at a game of basketball if they came down and tried to take over our planet “Space Jam” style. They are probably 3 feet tall, there is no way they can defend a pick-and-roll from Steph Curry and Anthony Davis. I just don’t see that as a feasible option for these little guys.

The only problem is that these things are most likely fake from what I have been reading from credible news sources. Apparently, they are a mixture of different animal species and then mummified. Either way, I think we could mess these little things up if they were real.

Written by TFM Stelly

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